My relationship with my horse is based by love, trust and voluntariness. We have true love and affection, friendship, harmony, unity, equality, partnership, teamwork and perfect mutual understanding. I teach my horse bitless natural dressage and Haute Ecole elements at liberty. I communicate with my horse mainly by my body language and with voice. I listen and feel (horse meditation). It is my lifestyle and my purpose of life.

My horse is completely free from equipment - no bits, no iron, no painful mental and physical coercion, no force, no cruelty, no punishments and abuse of the horse, no dominance and no dictation.

Haute Ecole- bitless natural dressage at liberty. This method´s philosophy includes wild games and other developing games with horse and training exercises to train horse to think. My purpose is educate physically and mentally healthy, strong, courageous, energetic, expressive, bright, talented, trusty, obedient, temperamental, high-spirited, playful, self-initiative, cheerful and happy super-horse.

My training with my horse is based by horse´s initiative and horse is master of his own training. My horse can freely express himself, offer and show his talent and abilitys.

My horse is my family member, my best trustable and loyal friend, my play-partner. My horse´s health and wellbeing are the most important issues.

The horse is very intelligent, horse symbolizes elegance and beauty. Horses must live together in the herd at nature. The horse is and will be always free.